Audi Q3

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The Audi Q3 

Offering a balanced combination of compact, aerodynamic design and the practical reliability of an SUV, the Audi Q3 is suited to the everyday needs of families and adventurous drivers. The spacious interior will seat five adults comfortably, and every passenger is kept safe by the intelligent airbag system. One of the optional extras for this vehicle is a panoramic sunroof, using more than half a square metre of glass to give the cabin more natural light.

The Q3 demonstrates an easy adaptability to different driving conditions, navigating the daily commute and off-road journeys with the same understated confidence. The design of this SUV includes a higher ground clearance and quattro® four-wheel drive technology, and the instantly responsive braking system keeps every passenger protected in the event of a sudden stop.

You have the choice of a petrol or diesel engine when selecting an Audi Q3, and either option guarantees substantial performance, lower emissions, and more fuel economy on every drive. All engines include the Start-Stop function with energy recuperation through braking, and a gear change indicator for each manual model of Q3.

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The Audi Q3 Introducing the S Line

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