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Master your terrain with 4MATIC All-Wheel Drive

4MATIC is far more than just a standard 4 wheel drive. This system automatically adjusts to allow you to drive across different types of terrain and road surface. If any of the four wheels begins to slip, power is automatically sent to the opposite wheel – no matter which wheel. Even if three of the four wheels are affected, the fourth wheel will adjust to support your driving conditions. This truly is driving enjoyment on any road!


4MATIC is powered by a 7 speed automatic transmission. This works alongside other features of the car such as ABS (Antilock Braking System), 4-ETS (4-wheel Electronic Traction System) and ESP® (Electronic Stability Program) to precisely manage the demands of each wheel.


When driving in a straight line, all four wheels normally rotate at the same rate. Rounding a corner, however, forces the two outside wheels to travel a longer path than the inside wheels. That means the left and right wheels must be able to rotate at different speeds. 4MATIC continually monitors the speed of each wheel to know when it's turning at the proper speed, or not, in every situation.


The vehicle remains stable at all times no matter how power is distributed across the four wheels. Light and nimble or powerful and efficient, 4MATIC is the perfect traveling companion for all seasons.


The Mercedes-Benz A-Class is young and modern and built to suit an ever-increasing connected lifestyle. Access the world from the optional COMAND Online system, a Cloud-based multimedia system that lets you access the internet from the comfort of your A-Class. Designed to be athletic, whether you are travelling along country lanes, city streets or the open road - wherever you choose to drive, the A-Class follows with its sleek and sporty frame.Access the world from the optional COMAND Online system, a Cloud-based multimedia system that lets you access the internet from the comfort of your A-Class. 4MATIC all-wheel drive offers maximum control to the class leading hatchback and delivers an exceptional driving experience.

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Featuring a cavernous interior, the B-Class offers 1,547 litres of load capacity and is complemented by both comfort and convenience too. Adding in the Premium Plus package only increases the luxuriousness nature and accessibility that the B-Class affords including heated front seats, KEYLESS-GO and Parking Pilot. Fuel economy is also impressive with consumption at 56.5 mpg combined. 4MATIC all-wheel drive elevates confidence and driving pleasure on any drive, around town or on the open road. 

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C-Class Cabriolet

With every design line the C-Class Cabriolet expresses a lifestyle of its own: seeking liberty, being active and progressive. The exciting design and muscular surfaces of the C-Class Cabriolet impress with a powerful dominance. Fine materials and details fascinate in the sporty-design interior, which offers exclusive comfort and room for four persons. The 4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive system improves traction and stability with a permanent 45:55 torque distribution ratio to front and rear axle respectively – in particular in arduous road conditions. A particularly compact lightweight construction optimises efficiency and agility.

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​C-Class Coupe

No question about it: The Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupé touches each and every one of us. Its compelling presence conquers the roads and always places it in the focus of attention. The ultimate statement for automotive individualists who want to feel agility with all their senses. The permanent 4MATIC all-wheel drive system uncompromisingly implements what the powerful C-Class Coupé engines provide. Always active and with immediate effect, the system allows improved moving off and acceleration, in particular on poor road surfaces or in adverse weather conditions.

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C-Class Saloon

Bold exterior styling is evident on the C-Class Saloon, while the interior houses a plethora of luxurious materials and finishes to create a refined driving environment. The C-Class Saloon also features different drive programs which allow the 4MATIC all-wheel drive to come alive; accessible through the DYNAMIC SELECT switch the driving modes offer are comfortable, sporty, efficient or completely personalised driving style programs.

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C-Class Estate

The strong visual impact of the new C-Class Estate exterior is reaffirmed in the interior. A high-quality finish and materials, cultured sports styling, a tasteful colour scheme and intelligent details create an atmosphere of easy poise and assurance .And you can control your vehicle even better, particularly in situations that could turn critical. In inclement weather conditions such as heavy rain, ice or snow, the strengths of the 4MATIC system really come to the fore: with excellent driving stability and perfect traction

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Unmistakable design throughout the Mercedes-Benz CLA features a striking profile stemming from the smooth lines which caress the chassis.The interior is just as remarkable where updated premium styling elements take centre stage including chrome switch gear knob and upholstery comes in a range of colourways to match your personality. On board technology, has also been upgraded with the introduction of Apple CarPlay® smartphone integration allows you to complete the simplest tasks effortlessly meaning you can sit back and enjoy the handling and control that 4MATIC all-wheel drive affords.

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​​CLA Shooting Brake

The CLA Shooting Brake inspires with its avantgarde, eye-catching appearance. The Shooting Brake concept merges sporty, progressive design with generous, flexible spaces. Each design line of the new CLA embodies the urge to advance and the 4MATIC all-wheel drive perfectly transfers this urge to the road by generating the best possible ratio between dynamics, traction and efficiency in any driving conditions. This is made possible by the fully variable torque split that ranges from outright front-wheel drive to a 50 : 50 split.

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​E-Class Saloon

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class is engineered to deliver more comfort, more efficiency and a more connected drive than ever before; including optional new DRIVE PILOT, the next step in autonomous drive technology. With cues, internally and externally taken from the S-Class, the new is E-Class is now lighter and longer offering impressive aerodynamic performance which can be enjoyed through the control of 4MATIC all-wheel drive.By adding in the Driving Assistance Plus package you have access to a range of highly intelligent features to help you stay safe on the road – by making the drive more effortless.

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​E-Class Estate

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate always means choosing maximum flexibility without compromise. High end finishes and opulent materials come as standard and do not compromise on practicality, offering plenty of space for work, family and travel with a boot capacity of up 1,820 litres.Practicality does not come at the expense of sheer driving pleasure when 4MATIC all-wheel drive is combined with the 9G-TRONIC plus 9- speed automatic transmissions meaning all conditions surrender to your increases traction.

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The off-road capabilities of this model range have assumed near legendary status amongst 4x4 aficionados – and quite rightly so. The permanent four-wheel drive, the 4ETS Four-wheel Electronic Traction System, the synchronised transfer case and the three 100% differential locks, all work together in perfect harmony to make the G-Class a match for the toughest terrain.

Equipped with systems to allow individually specified locks, the model allows drivers to adapt the vehicle perfectly to its surroundings, whilst also ensuring no traction or control is lost. This is one model that screams for an off-road adventure.


Athletic proportions and muscular features set this SUV apart.The new four-cylinder engines combine powerful off-road performance with exceptional agility. The GLA 200 d returns an impressive 67.3 mpg combined, with CO2 emissions as low as 108 g/km. The GLA when combined with 4MATIC all-wheel drive delivers a powerful performance - on or off the road. When the going gets tough, it can send up to 50 per cent of the torque to the rear wheels to maximise traction and handling meaning you can venture out in confidence in every day.

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One of the newest SUV’s offered by Mercedes-Benz, the GLC offers 4MATIC in every model variant ensuring complete control of the road. Whilst using the permanent all-wheel drive to optimise traction and guarantee superb response, the system has also been specially tuned for right-hand drive vehicles to enhance driving enjoyment and control.

Available at standard, 4MATIC can also be enhanced with the optional Off-Road Package which offers a choice of driving modes to suit all terrains. Raising the suspension by 20mm for better clearance and including special off-road lighting functions, this may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

​GLC Coupe

Revealed in 2016, the GLC Coupe follows form from its older sibling, the GLE Coupe, providing a powerful yet innovative design for Mercedes-Benz. 4MATIC permanent all-white drive optimises stability and control in all conditions, while sports suspension ensures agile handling and the ultimate in driving experience.

DYNAMIC SELECT also comes as standard, allowing the driver to choose between driving modes to best suit the surroundings and terrain, whilst the optionally available AIR BODY CONTROL allows drivers to take things one step further with continually adjustable air suspension providing further comfort.

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Ready to take on the world, the GLE offers 4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive as standard across the model range. Working continuously to maximise traction, deliver dynamic and precise handling, as well as complete passenger comfort the system is completely cherished in this SUV.

Also incorporating the 4ETS electronic traction system, the GLE is able to monitor each individual wheel for slippage, whilst also ensuring torque and braking requirements are managed accordingly. Matched with the model’s other wide ranging safety systems, it’s easy to rest assured that this model is going to perform when you need it most.

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​GLE Coupe

The sleek, modern styling of the GLE Coupe sets it apart. Blending the dynamic nature of a sports coupe with the muscular characteristics of an SUV, the Coupe opens up a world of possibilities. Offering 4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive as standard, the system is completely integrated with the GLE Coupe’s advanced driving systems, including ABS and ESP, to ensure a smooth precise drive.

Matched with the new 9G-TRONIC PLUS transmission, the Coupe is also proud of its performance figures which can literally speak for themselves. The GLC 350 d 4MATIC, for example, returns 39.2 mpg combined and achieving a sprint from 0 to 62 in 7.0 seconds.

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The formidable GLS offers unrivalled luxury, versatility and driving refinement. With seating for seven adults and an impressive boot load, you’d be forgiven for thinking Mercedes-Benz had concentrated on the in-car experience. Far from it. The 4MATIC permanent all-while drive works in tandem with the DYNAMIC SELECT Slippery and Off-Road modes to handle all terrains, no matter what the weather.

If you’re really planning to put it through its paces, the optional Off-Road package also offers a low-range gearbox to control descents and slow driving on uneven surfaces. Combined with an under guard for the engine, plus reinforced panelling along the length of the vehicle and know the GLS means business.

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