Mercedes-Benz C-Class Saloon Hybrid

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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Saloon Hybrid

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The new C 350 e Saloon

On-the-road price £38,270
0 - 62 mph
5.9 seconds
Top speed 155 mph
Fuel consumption
134.5 mpg

Efficiency, Dynamism & Comfort. The best of three worlds in the C 350 e Plug In Hybrid.

Following its premier in the S-Class, Mercedes-Benz is now offerings its most advanced hybrid technology yet in the C-Class and, for the first time, also in an Estate model. With a range of 19 miles in purely electric mode, local emission-free driving is now a reality.

With a four-cylinder petrol engine, in conjunction with a powerful electric motor, the C 350 e has been championed or its sports car performance whilst also astounding all with certified consumption figures of 134.5 mpg both a saloon and estate.

The second hybrid model in the C-Class portfolio, and the second Mercedes-Benz model to feature plug-in hybrid technology, it’s no wonder Mercedes-Benz is making its mark on the fleet world. Thanks to a combination of combustion engine and electric drive, hybrid drive systems deliver impressive low consumption without affecting the high performance, whilst making practical use of energy generated while braking by converting it into electric energy and storing it.

Using the most advanced form of hybrid technology currently available, the C 350 e operates from a high-voltage lithium-ion battery with a total capacity of 6.2 kWh, which can be charged from an external power source. It is this electrical energy storage unit that makes an effect contribution to the low consumption and emissions figures achieved.

Thanks to an intelligent on-board charging system, the battery can be recharged in around 1 hour 45 minutes at a wall box or at one of the growing number of public charging points, which in some cases offer privileged parking. Alternatively, charging via a standard domestic socket is also possible. Depending on the connection, a charge time of around two hours is achievable.

Available with 4MATIC – 4MATIC Explained >

This is further enhanced with a route-based operating strategy. If the exact destination is known because the relevant data has been entered into the navigation system, charge and discharge of the high-voltage battery are controlled to ensure the optimal use of energy over the whole route.

Combining the most advanced technology with the ride comfort of a premium saloon vehicle, the saloon can sprint from 0 – 62 mph in 5.9 seconds, while the estate, at 6.2 seconds, is almost as quick off the mark. With top speeds of 155 mph achieved by the saloon, and 152 mph in the estate, there is no questioning the power retained by both model variants.

Like any other automatic vehicle, the complex technology makes it no more different to drive than a conventional vehicle. Whether you wish to intervene manually and regulate the hybrid interplay yourself, with the help of five operating modes and three transmission modes, a completely unique driving experience can be achieved.

Inside, the designers have simply out done themselves, with an interior level rarely encountered even in higher vehicle categories. Evident from the carefully chosen high-class materials and the finely crafted details, no stone has been left unturned. Prominently located immediately above the centre console is a centrally positioned free-standing central display unit. All the functions of the head unit can be intuitively controlled from a touchpad using simple finger movements.

With years of extensive know-how into the field of hybrid and electric vehicles, Mercedes-Benz continues to strive ahead with the latest technology and plug-in variants. The perfect model for businesses looking for emission friendly modes of transport, the hybrid plug-ins are the face of the future.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class Saloon Hybrid 360° View