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September Plate Change Reveals Mercedes-Benz Is Booming​

The September plate-change is always a busy time of year and with the introduction of the 66 plate, this saw the second largest month of the year for car registrations, just behind March.

Mercedes-Benz was at the forefront with online searches for the German manufactured models accounting for 8.3% of total searches performed for car brands during August and September 2016. To further reinforce the increased visibility of the brand, two models particular were favoured by those searching for their next vehicle, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class and the all-new E-Class, both featuring in the top 10 of models searched during August and September 2016.

Mercedes-Benz and other German premium brand rivals are dominating the charts in terms of cars searched online and continually increasing market share while mainstream rivals’ volume continues to contract.A contributing factor to this growing trend is the range of finance offers available, with the market for affordable finance packages in the automotive industry growing by 3% in September compared to 2015.

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