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Apply for your mobility car with Robinsons Motability Scheme.

Worry-free motoring

Are you eligible for the Motability Scheme?

If you receive the Higher Rate Mobility Component of the Disability Living Allowance or the War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement then you can take advantage of the Motability scheme and take ownership of a brand new car for a special discounted price.

The scheme allows you to use part of or all of this allowance and exchange it for a brand new car of your choice. With our wide range of market-leading brands, Robinsons has got a perfect selection to choose. In addition to this you can also take advantage of insurance, road tax, servicing, tyres and breakdown cover

The most popular option for users is often the contact hire scheme, in which your regular single payment covers you for and includes:

Insurance and personal accident cover
Servicing and maintenance
Full breakdown assistance from RAC
Window or windscreen replacement at no extra cost
A new car of your choice every three years

How does this work?

We have put togther some usefulwebsite ​to help our customers further understand the Motability scheme and whats avalible to you.

Feel free to contact your local Robinsons dealership for more information on how the Motability scheme can help you and downloading our motability price list.

Below we have listed our Motability brands and our best mobility car prices to give you great choice, just choose your favourite Brand & Model.