Halloween Horrors Left By Children In The Back Of Cars​

New research from ŠKODA reveals unimaginable horrors left by children in the backs of cars - find out how you can avoid it this season

More than a million parents* are left with the same messy motoring dilemma every Monday morning – getting their company car fit for business after a weekend with the kids.

Food wrappers (66%), crumbs (60%) and mud (51%) are the most commonly-found remnants of weekend family motoring, alongside cuddly toys.

However, some kids leave weirder and more wonderful surprises.

These include:

  • cheese graters
  • bird skulls
  • daleks
  • dead mice and frogs
  • live goldfish
  • jellyfish
  • a pair of pants
  • pet hamsters
  • pieces of coal
  • teeth
  • caterpillars
  • horse poo in a bag
  • TV remotes
  • worms
  • a week-old beef burger
  • a wet sponge

One mum even told ŠKODA how her son: “Wrote ‘homeless’ on the back of my seat in felt tip. Not sure how to take that!”

Such discoveries leave more than 61% of parents embarrassed at the state of their car, while more than 1 in 5 clean out their backseats every Monday morning. Not an ideal way to start the week!

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*Research conducted with 1,000 parents who drive (Censuswide, August 2016)


  • 5.9 million couples with kids in the UK (ONS stat)
  • 31% use company car for family motoring (ŠKODA research) = 1.8 million
  • 61% of those have messy kids (ŠKODA research) = 1.1 million