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The Volkswagen Touareg

The SUV just got smarter.

Touareg offers true 4x4 capabilities off-road, and a smooth, luxurious and powerful ride on it thanks to our four wheel drive technology, ‘4MOTION’, which is available as standard.

Area View enables the driver to see the entire area surrounding their vehicle. It offers a number of views, which you can select according to the specific traffic situation.

Vienna leather upholstery creates a high quality look and feel, while heated front seats enhance driver comfort. Options include Nappa or Alcantara in a wide range of colours.

The Volkswagen Touareg SUV is a spacious and capable vehicle, with modular rear seats that adapt to the needs of your passengers. The compact front and rear overhangs give you increased manoeuvrability over inclines, and they add to the model’s stylish bodyline. Inside the Touareg, the touchscreen sat-nav system helps drivers traverse unfamiliar roads, and the built-in entertainment system will keep passengers occupied on longer journeys.

Driving the Touareg is a real pleasure, as the eight-speed automatic transmission makes gear changes smooth and simple. In addition to the capable petrol and diesel engines on offer, you can also select the Touareg Hybrid, which is powered by an efficient combination of a 3.0-litre petrol engine and an electric motor with lithium-ion battery. It offers an unrivalled 3.5-tonne towing capacity, the most of any off-road hybrid.

The SUV’s technical specifications are matched by the impressive safety and accident prevention measures that Volkswagen provides as standard. Every passenger is protected by three-point seatbelts, and there are optional airbag and driver assistance pack upgrades available. The Touareg also features child security locks, to stop curious young travellers from getting hurt.

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