Our brand portfolio

Over the years we have continued to grow by building our brand portfolio, we represent many of the most respected, high-quality automotive brands in the world. Every vehicle and part is crafted with the utmost care, and we’re proud to present these brands to you.

Mercedes-Benz is an international luxury label. The focus of their creative efforts is on sensuous clarity as the definition of modern luxury. This expresses a fundamental aspect – the bipolarity of intelligence and emotion.

Smart derives from cooperation with
Swatch and Mercedes-Benz: Swatch
Mercedes ART. The logo incorporating a “c” and an arrow for “compact” and “forward thinking” respectively.

Creativity is built into Citroën’s DNA. More than just a signature, Créative Technologie expresses the promise conveyed by Citroën. At Citroën, we design technology with people in mind.

The philosophy at the heart of DS ‘AVANTGARDE’, reflects our
forward-thinking approach, this approach injects fresh perspective and understanding of the evolving requirements of automotive customers.

Cars to keep your heart racing. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest standards every time you visit. Auto Devotion really is the “one stop shop” for all your motoring needs.

Audi are committed to creating powerful and innovative cars. The Audi Philosophy is Vorsprung durch Technik meaning advancement through technology.

Naturally, we’re very proud of our heritage - having produced so many legendary cars. In Volkswagen we truly believe that it’s not just the car, it’s the people that make the difference!

Our ethos of ‘Working With You’ represents our clear understanding of our customer’s businesses and the smart proposition that we offer them.

An excellent range of cars, with great design and outstanding quality, combined with our ‘simply clever’ brand claim.

SEAT is a dynamic and bold car brand which offers the combination of superior engineering and pure enjoyment. Our brand values of ‘Dynamic’, ‘Design Driven’ and ‘Young Spirited’ run through everything we do.