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A new era for Audi: Introducing our naming system

From the launch of the Audi A8 this October, Audi will adopt a new naming structure across new models. In a world turning electric, Audi is forging the path towards power in place of size when talking engines. At first the change can seem a little confusing, but with all future models now expected to reflect brake Horse Power on the badging – electric won’t be penalised as second best.

Flashing the new numbers on it’s rear, the New A8 will have people googling this new coding in an attempt to stay in-the-know. As the first model to use the new naming system, the new A8 luxury saloon, means the 3.0-litre TDI diesel will instead be known as the 50 TDI, while the 3.0-litre TFSI petrol will be called the 55 TFSI.

Exciting new models coming in the New Year – including the new Q3 and new A6 – will too have their badges denote power rather than engine displacement. It is a bold move, but will have the desired effect of sharing the extra performance offered by electrified cars – which include hybrids, plug-in hybrids and fully electric vehicles – and make its range easier to understand for everyone.

Fear not Audi lovers - Sporty S and RS versions, as well as the R8 sports car, will retain their classic badges. While the actual names of the models won't change (the Audi Q5 will still be the Audi Q5, for example), the badges at the rear of the cars will show a new number of between 30 and 70. What number a car gets is decided by the power output of its engine.

The full naming scheme is broken down like this:

  • Models with 107-127bhp will be badged as '30'
  • Models with 145-159bhp will be badged as '35'
  • Models with 165-198bhp will be badged as '40'
  • Models with 223-244bhp will be badged as '45'
  • Models with 278-304bhp will be badged as '50'
  • Models with 423-449bhp will be badged as '60'
  • Models with 529bhp & above will be badged as '70'

Ahead of adding more electric models to the range, this system will better show the capabilities of the new e-tron SUV – expected to wear a ‘60’ badge earned from the 496bhp electric motor. There will be a 55-badged range of models, too, and while Audi has yet to release power brackets for those models, it's likely to be used for cars with 328-468bhp. 

The usual TDI, TFSI or e-tron badges will continue to be used, denoting whether a car features a diesel, petrol or electric powertrain respectively.