Audi connected mobility concept car

Audi connected mobility concept car unveiled at Beijing motor show

Audi has unveiled a connected mobility concept car, based on the Q3, at the Beijing motor show in China. The concept offers sporty and multi-functional mobility for megacities with dense traffic and road restrictions.

An electrically powered multifunctional longboard (scooter), measuring 1.05 metres in length and built from carbon fibre and aluminium, is integrated into the rear bumper of the car. The device is charged automatically while loaded in the car.

The car’s infotainment system is linked to the user’s smartphone calendar and, based on the destination and planned arrival time, the system will calculate the fastest mobility mix based on real-time traffic data. If the longboard option is faster, the system will recommend a parking space nearby so the driver may continue the commute to the destination with the electric board. The navigation information synchronises with the Audi MMI connect App on the user’s smartphone that continues to guide the route.

The multi-functional longboard has a battery range of more than seven miles (12 kilometres) and reaches a maximum speed of 18mph. The board can be used in three riding modes:

Transport mode for luggage or shopping bags – connected wirelessly to a smartphone or smart-watch, the board automatically follows its owner

Scooter mode – the phone is clipped to the unfolded handlebar to display directions. The speed is adjusted via remote control attached to the right handlebar grip. A backpack can be clipped onto the steering rack

Sport mode – when the handlebar is folded down and the rider controls the speed by remote control in his/her hand