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Models in the headlines

For the first time, in July, a few lucky guests from around the world where able to sit on the passenger side of the new e-tron and experience the car's interior technology, including the optional aerodynamically optimised 'virtual exterior mirrors' and the OLED screens in the cabin.

From then, we have seen the New Q8 launched on our screens with first deliveries expected this year, the New A6 winning from all angles and the New Q3 deemed an impressive second-generation model.

Read what the press is talking about when Audi hits the headlines.

New Audi Q3

2018 New Q3 Review, Auto Express

27th Sep, 2018

“Ride comfort was a concern on the previous Q3, but here the second-generation model takes a leap forward. Even on the largest wheels and firmer S line Sports suspension, the Q3 is among the most comfortable cars in this class. Optional adaptive dampers improve things further. Add in good refinement and it’s an excellent cruiser."

“Sections of the dashboard can be trimmed in Alcantara, which is available in different colours: grey, beige or even a lively orange hue. This, combined with the tasteful ambient lighting, helps to add a little fun to the grown-up driving environment.”

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Audi Q8

Audi Q8 Review: An imposing premium SUV, Pocket-lint

1st Oct, 2018

“Audi's design team looked to the Quattro coupe when designing the Q8. That's quite clear: its roof is sloped low towards the back, where it sweeps into a large spoiler. The doors are all frameless. And there are 'Quattro blisters' above the wheels, again to reference classic coupé. the Q8's distinctive lightstrip that slashes across the rear; it's similar to that on the forthcoming Audi e-tron (and other, future Audi models, no doubt) that makes for a distinctive and striking desig.

“Despite its size, the Q8 truly is fun to drive, especially in dynamic mode, after which the more restrained comfort mode feels a bit lifeless. If you don't want to fiddle around, though, auto mode will serve most purposes, adding some punch into the mix when it's needed and toning things down when it's not. The gearbox is an 8-speed tiptronic unit, so you can manually shift using the paddles should you wish.”

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New Audi A6

New Audi A6 Review, Auto Express

18th Sep, 2018

“The level of development and tech the firm has committed to this fifth-generation A6 makes it the most advanced yet. And it’s very good indeed.

“Four-cylinder diesels can sound coarse sometimes and ruin the sophistication of otherwise nicely refined cars like this. Not so with the A6. You hear a faint diesel growl, but it’s well suppressed. Plenty of torque low down means you can make progress easily, but extend the engine and it still isn’t too noisy or rough…The 40 TDI delivers more power than its closest rivals and revs fairly well, while the seven-speed box is snappy and goes about its business without intrusion when left to its own devices.”

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New Audi e-tron

We get very sideways in Audi's new e-tron EV, Top Gear

10th Oct, 2018

"Audi’s first proper EV is a conspicuously inconspicuous – the company didn’t want to scare away its existing customers with something too futuristic…the e-Tron handled the salt-pan is indicative of a well-sorted SUV that should handle fluidly, if not outright amusingly. It’s great fun out here – as indeed most anything else would be.”

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Audi e-tron SUV Review, Parkers

3rd July, 2018

“It’s very evidently an Audi stylistically, so the e-tron’s looks will immediately make it feel familiar, even if electric propulsion is a wholly new experience.

“The quoted range under the WTLP measure should be in the region of 248 miles, a full charge via a 150kW high output charger taking 30 minutes - that infrastructure yet to be rolled out through Europe, but promised in the next few years. Home charging, via a typical high voltage charger should take about 8-9 hours, the e-tron able to manage timings, depending on house loading, the availability of any solar energy at home and reduced rate tariffs.”

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