The Audi Q2 Launch: Cuba | Robinsons Audi

The new Audi Q2 turns heads in Cuba at the country’s first car launch for 50 years.

Audi officially unveiled the new Audi Q2 at the Geneva Motor Show 2016. Due to arrive in the UK in late Autumn 2016 – join the journey of the Q2 online.

Seemingly frozen in time since the Revolution of 1959 – the first international car launch in Cuba for over 50 years certainly turned some heads. Havana presents incredible photo-opportunities for tourists, but for locals - not much catches them off-guard.

Driving the eye-catching Audi Q2 on the city streets that have been dominated by 1970’s Ladas, Moskvitches and Polski Fiats from Eastern Europe, or classic American Chevys, Fords and Buicks from the 1950s is certainly a stunning juxtaposition. A hypermodern, sharp-edged crossover looks like a car from the future.

‘The Q2 handles every bump, lump and pothole comfortably, and the higher ride makes it easy to spot them’

Tackling the terrible roads of Cuba is hardly a challenge for the Q2, handling the ride much better than the old cars in the country. Q2 drivers can also option technology available to the Q range, including the fully digital and customisable Virtual Cockpit and a wireless charging Audi Phone Box. Driving through the city is made infinitely more comfortable thanks to the air-con system (from 32C outside, to 20C inside), and the 14-speaker B&O sound system is perfect for Radio Havana Cuba.

The Audi team finished their Q2 tour in the Plaza de la Revolucion under the stern gaze of the iconic Che Guevara, whose image adorns the Ministry of Interior. Given his love of motorcycles, Che probably wouldn’t have approved of the Q2, but current President Raúl Castro is apparently a fan of the Audi brand. And judging by the response from the country, he isn’t the only one.

The Audi Q2 will be available to order later this year, but register your interest in this exciting new model by making an enquiry, alternatively, give us a call on 01603 709200.

Original story written by Paul Henderson; Photographs by Nick Wilson for Audi UK.