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Discover our Hatchbacks | Compact hatchback bodystyle

Popular in the UK due to our smaller, winding roads and older, built-up areas. This bodystyle is defined by the way the boot opens upwards to allow access into the car, the volume space of these cars is shared for passengers and cargo.

Discover our Saloons | Conventional, long-wheelbase bodystyle

A traditional style, dominated by premium brands who can offer the enhanced comfort and legroom with modern design. The boot is completely separated from the passenger compartment.

​Discover our Coupé range | Elegant, sweeping frame bodystyle

A coupé is a car with two doors and typically only four seats. Coupés are lighter and sleeker than Saloons, often with a sloping roofline. Coupés generally have better acceleration and braking than giving them a well-deserved sporty reputation.

Discover the Estates | Longer with larger boot space bodystyle

The Estate is a practical car with a large load bay and spacious 5-seat cabin. The length is particularly useful for usable roof space, with a design based on the hatchback. Can often be hard to distinguish from the front-end, but has a signature style to the rear.

Discover the Cabriolet range | Stylish convertible bodystyle

A cabriolet is a coupé with a convertible hard- or soft-top roof that can be folded down for open air driving. A cabriolet can have two or four seats. These soft-tops are a mix of traditional bodystyles with added fun!

​Discover our SUV range | Sporty and practical build bodystyle

A Sports Utility Vehicle is so well equipped it can offer a versatile model for any lifestyle. A term used for larger and higher stanced vehicles, often associated with 4x4 or crossovers. Typically these are spacious with powerful engines with an offroad look.

Discover our MPV Range | Practical and spacious bodystyle

An MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle), or people carrier, is typically a large hatchback with seating for six or more. They are bigger and more practical than regular hatchbacks, looking distinctly different to the sporty and often exaggerated SUV.