The Devoted Plan

Keep your used car at its best with a pre-arranged servicing schedule for the first 2 years with our Devotion Plan, or purchase a 2-year plan anytime throughout your ownership.

At Auto Devotion, we understand the importance of safety and vehicle reliability which is why the Devoted Plan offers you this confidence with the added benefit of having already budgeted for these essential maintenance inspections:

What does the plan include?

  • 2 x Lubrication services
  • 2 x MOT tests
  • 2 x Oil top ups
  • 2 x Health checks

Cost: £215

Using your Devoted Plan

When it is time for your vehicle to receive any of the maintenance required as part of your Devoted Plan, please call your local Auto Devotion to arrange a convenient time for the work to be completed.

When you purchase your plan, you will receive a booklet with tailored information about your plan and the redeemable vouchers for your 2 services, 2 MOTs, 2 safety checks and 2 oil top-ups. Once used, you can choose to purchase another plan from your local Auto Devotion Service Department.

Upon arrival for your aftersales care, please visit the Service Department and present your booklet. This is required to complete any maintenance as part of the Devoted Plan and must have the qualifying voucher contained within. Once we have finished the works for which the vehicle was booked in, we will remove the relevant voucher and this booklet will be returned to you at the time of collecting your vehicle.

Safety Check

The Safety Check can be utilised at any time that you feel you would like the additional peace of mind that your vehicle is in peak performance. We will conduct an inspection and a comprehensive series of checks around the vehicle, including the interior, exterior, under the bonnet and under the vehicle with a full report provided to you.


​The parts and lubricants used during your service will be of the specification required for your vehicle model. We will also conduct a visual inspection with a comprehensive series of checks around the vehicle, including the interior, exterior, under the bonnet and under the vehicle with a full report provided to you.


We can assure you that your vehicle will be looked after by our highly trained VOSA tester nominated technicians using the latest diagnostic equipment. An MOT can be completed one calendar month in advance without reducing the MOT expiry date.

Oil check and top-up

Bring this voucher book with you to your appointment for your entitlement to your Devoted Plan Oil top-up.

Terms and Conditions: Devoted Plan is the 2 year maintenance schedule as advised in the Devoted Plan Customer Schedule issued to the customer. Any additional work carried out and or materials supplied by the Dealer not covered by the Devoted Plan Customer Schedule will be the responsibility of the Customer and will be payable on collection of the Vehicle. Termination by you, within 24 months: You are only able to terminate this contract on the following grounds. a) The vehicle is written off (proof required) b) Customer (as named in the contract) has moved to another area (proof required) c) The vehicle (as detailed in the contract) is sold – new owner details are required d) The contract is transferred to another vehicle. In connection with items a), b) and c), the customer will be sent a refund based on the current balance of their ‘Devoted Plan’ less a £25 administration fee. In relation to item d) no administration fee is payable. On the expiry of the two year term, entitlement to the refunds detailed above will cease even if all benefits have not been received. The minimum duration term of the contract will be 24 months from date of purchase, and we envisage all maintenance to have been completed within 3 months of the plan expiration. The Dealer’s Standard Terms and Conditions (a copy of which is available on request) shall apply as if they were incorporated herein (save as varied by these terms) to all vehicle maintenance work carried out by the Dealer pursuant to this Agreement.