Paint + Fabric Protection

A sparkling exterior

Synthetic Coat bonds with the pores in your paintwork to give an extremely durable, gleaming nish that’s guaranteed for as long as you own the vehicle.*

A cutting-edge formulation that can be applied to new and used vehicles of any age, Synthetic Coat resists UV light, extremes of temperatures, plant and tree sap, and corrosive atmospheric pollutants. And when used in combination with Synthetic Gloss Enhancer annually, it affords more protection than any similar product.

A pristine interior

When combined with an interior protection system, Synthetic Coat also shields the carpets and fabrics inside your vehicle. Everyday spills, dirt and grime are easier to remove – saving you time, money and effort. It is also hypo- allergenic, environmentally-friendly and completely safe.

Impressive benefits

Inside and out, Synthetic Coat minimises damage to your vehicle. It is exceptionally hard-wearing, protects against the harshest weather and road conditions, and makes it easier to remove dirt and grime, making it easier to keep your vehicle cleaner for longer.

Lifetime Guarantee*

Synthetic Coat is guaranteed for as long as you own your vehicle. All that is required is that you take reasonable care of your car. For maximum performance we recommend annual use of our Gloss Enhancer. Synthetic Coat does not need to be applied again. The guarantee is registered and applied by your supplying dealer with the terms and conditions presented on handover.

*Terms and conditions apply