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Elect 3 Finance – Personal Contract Plan

A PCP is the flexible finance plan designed to allow you to drive a new vehicle by spreading the cost.

  • If you want to own the vehicle; at the end of the plan choose to pay the final payment.There are also options to pay it off early.
  • If you want to trade your current vehicle; part-exchange and start a new plan or you can choose to purchase in another way using the sum from the exchange.
  • If you want to return your vehicle and it is in the expected condition from the start of the agreement, there will be no further payment due.

How is the finance calculated?

At the time of purchase, the future value of your vehicle will be agreed based on how much you drive taking away the worry of depreciation. The deposit and monthly payments are flexible too, so a tailored plan will be generated using the below steps:

  • Choose your vehicle.
  • Pay a deposit, sometimes no deposit is required on this plan.
  • Choose a period between 25, 31, 37 or 48 months.
  • Decide your annual mileage between 6,000 and 30,000.
  • Lower your repayments by setting aside an amount which will be your Optional Final Payment.

What are the costs?

  • You will have your costs fixed for the term of your agreement. If you pay higher monthly payments, there will be a lower Optional Final Payment.
  • If you exceed agreed mileage at the start of your agreement and intend to return the vehicle then excess mileage charges will apply.
  • Keep the vehicle in good condition as this will affect the value of the vehicle. You may be charged for any damage that goes beyond fair wear and tear.

Our current new car offers

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Can’t keep up monthly payments?

It is important that you keep up to date with your monthly repayments, so please contact us if you are having any difficulties as the vehicle may be at risk if you don’t. Your Elect 3 package will also include payment waiver, where we will waive up to 6 monthly installments if you are made redundant through no fault of your own. Please see terms and conditions to find out more, click to visit Ts&Cs > . This excludes any arrears, damage charge/excess mileage charges.

*Additional charges may apply at the end of the contract subject to the vehicle condition and excess mileage. Insurance subject to terms and conditions.