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The MyCitroën Mobile App

Download the MyCitroën app on your smartphone and manage your car on a daily basis.

MyCitroën allows you to connect to your Citroën vehicle with your
smartphone. It has been designed with integrated technologies to enhance
your Citroën driving experience before, during and after each journey.


Benefit from information and services personalised to your Citroen vehicle.

Find where your car is parked

With the "Location/geolocalisation" function of MyCitroën app, you won't struggle to find your car anymore - just let the app guide you to the exact location of your vehicle. 

Manage your driving

Duration, distance, consumption and more. Find out all the details of your journeys with the "Driving" function. Categorise the type of trips you're making and check statistics, such as your average MPG. A useful tool for drivers who want to improve their driving performance and efficiency.

User Assistance

You can easily access all the documentation related to your vehicle, which means no more suffling through your glovebox. With MyCitroën, you can access a guide telling you the meaning of every dashboard warning light with information on how to fix the problem. You are directly connected to Robinsons Citroën as your chosen 'preferred dealer'. You can also easily make an appointment or ask for a quote via the app. It's easier, safer and more convenient!


Are you a first-time MyCitroen App user?

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to connect the app with your Citroen vehicle.