Payment Information | Robinsons SEAT | Suffolk

Payments to Robinsons Motor Group

To ensure the handover process runs efficiently, we require that all vehicle funds are cleared prior to collection and bank transfers are our preferred method this:

Bank transfers need to be carried out prior to collection to ensure the funds show as cleared in our bank account. When transferring money, please make sure you use the registration number of the car you are purchasing as a payment reference.

Our bank details are as follows:

Sort code / Account No Site
54-21-38 08625174VW Peterborough
54-21-38 08684987Citroën Peterborough
60-15-31 25113941VW Norwich
60-15-31 25114964VW North Walsham
60-15-31 25114972ŠKODA Norwich
60-15-31 25115006LCV Norwich
60-15-31 68133812Lowestoft
60-15-31 68183917AutoDevotion
60-15-31 68246277Audi Norwich
60-15-31 68511345SEAT Ipswich