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20 Years of CUPRA

On the 20th Anniversary of the SEAT CUPRA, we look back on the two decades of the range to discover how this sports car has kept up to date with technology and its expert driving capabilities.

Hitting the middle-ground between racing-brilliance and an easy-going nature of a sports model; the SEAT CUPRA has created the “the best performance that at the same time suits an everyday lifestyle”. This is how SEAT Sport director Jaime Puig describes the car, adding “This is what dreams are made of” in celebration of the 20 years of the CUPRA.

New Car Offers for SEAT CUPRA

The range first came to the spotlight in 1996 after the Ibiza Kit Car won the World Rally Championship in the 2-litre category. The first CUPRA was aimed at a young public, eager to have a high-performance sports car that would respond with the power and handling of a sports car in any situation. From that moment on, the CUPRA models fully represent the sporty nature that has always characterised SEAT. With its fiery sports car finesse and ultimate everyday practicality, it is certainly not just a car for those young drivers but allows you to have the same amount of fun behind the wheel every single day, on any given route.

“It was like a special homage to the winning car”, says Isidre López, who is responsible for the SEAT Vintage Car Collection. And the name it was given aptly combines two concepts as Cup and Racing in a single word.

The passion for competition lives and breathes in the model, with the original concept evolving and improving over the two decades to stay ahead. SEAT has developed 15 versions of the CUPRA over the last 20 years, and each one features the same traits: “a high-end car, full of sporty character and with a well-appointed interior for the ultimate driving enjoyment”, assures Jaime Puig. “We’ve managed to develop a car that puts a smile on your face”, concludes Isidre López.

New additions of the CUPRA family have always stayed true to the original formula - dynamic handling, maximum performance, attractive design and above all, strong emphasis on sportiness.

Said to have athletic and passionate genes, the CUPRA has spent twenty-years sharing that thrilling, natural sound – giving away the true power of its engine. It continues to impress both on the racetrack and the roads, smashing lap times and exceeding customers’ expectations. As a result, the future looks stronger than ever “and very likely full of surprises”, that will continue to brings “smiles and joy to our customers at the wheel” concludes Isidre López.

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