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SEAT launches in-car coffee machine

It's time to get your morning pick-me up without spending the big bucks.

Are you one of the two in five drivers that drinks coffee whilst driving? According to SEAT, drivers could save more than £1,800 a year just from trading in those expensive coffee shop runs, not to mention saving precious minutes on your morning commute.

The Handpresso coffee machine powered by your 12v plug, will fit between the twin cup holders in your SEAT, dispensing 50ml of hot, fresh coffee in under 3 minutes. It's estimated that over 12 months you will spend just £405 with this nifty device, rather than the staggering £2,210 spent every year by coffee shop goers. Plus, you will reap the environmental benefits too by not adding to the estimated 2.5 billion disposable cups that are already being thrown away each year in the UK alone.

With its clever packaging and compact size, the carry bag has been designed to be stored neatly away in the glove box of your vehicle for both ease and safe keeping.

What's included:

  • 15 espresso pods
  • Two glasses
  • Napkins
  • Space for spoons, condiments and coffee pods or ground coffee
  • Carry bag

With official advice and safety warnings recommending drivers to take a break every two hours, this would make the perfect refreshing boost after a long and tiring journey.

The Handpresso machine is available as an optional extra for £185 when ordered at either of our SEAT dealerships, including a 12-month warranty.

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