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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

No-one knows women better than COSMOPOLITAN. For decades they’ve been anticipating trends and providing articles and advice to an international readership.

For most women, their car is a key accessory. It's their ticket to freedom in the city at work or play.

For over a year SEAT has been working with COSMO to get a better idea of the kind of city car women want to own. We’re adding our experience of design and technology to their ideas and suggestions.

SEAT designers asked Cosmo readers from all over Europe what they look for in a car and found that most women see their car as an extension of themselves. They desire agility and ease, but they also want a car that looks stylish and suits their personality.

Cosmopolitan wasn't surprised. They agree - "your car is a place for impromptu karaoke performances, last-minute wardrobe changes, dramatic gossip sessions and emergency lunch-hour kips. So it makes sense that you'd want it to feel personal and special - as if it were designed just for you."

"The Mii by Cosmopolitan is dynamic, stylish and versatile, with a daring, edgy appeal. Not only did we strive to create a car featuring timeless elegance, but we wanted it to be an even bolder personal ally of the practical, active side of feminine women who are fashion-conscious." - Susanne Franz, SEAT global marketing director

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There’s Nothing Like Doing It Your Own Way

The New SEAT Mii by Cosmopolitan is a unique car that was designed with the help of Cosmopolitan readers. This car features some of the most advanced design and technology offered by SEAT, but with the added punch of the Cosmopolitan style and attitude. Today we invite you to meet a new urban car that will make your life much easier, with a personality all of its own. The SEAT Mii by Cosmopolitan is the most personal way to travel through the city.

Life Is More Than Just Two Likes

If you are doing something just to please everyone else, make sure it pleases you first. The New SEAT Mii by Cosmopolitan is for people who live life on their own terms, aren’t swayed by others, and know that the first person who should be enjoying each moment, is themselves. With its exclusive design and thoughtful touches, like the mirrors in the sun visors or the handbag hook, the car adapts to every need and personality. Including yours.

A Glimpse At The Stunning Features

You will be able to find an awesome dashboard design in Violetto with Bismuth details, a leather steering wheel with coloured mouldings and Bismuth stitching, Violetto Alcantara-PVC upholstery with Bismuth piping and stitching, and a handbag hook in the glove box. Surprising details are awaiting you on the outside too, with exterior mirrors in Bismuth, a bicolor logo in the hatch door, a black painted roof, mirrors in the sun visors, and bicolor alloy wheels with jewel effect.