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Insurance & Accident Repair

Who better than SEAT to insure your SEAT? We offer a range of insurance products, all of which have been designed to provide you with quality service and support if you’re in an accident or if your SEAT is stolen.


As a customer, you’re also entitled to 3 years FREE Ensurance, our accident and repair cover. It works alongside your existing car insurance policy to get you back on the road if your SEAT is damaged in an accident or stolen.

Benefits of Ensurance

/ Guaranteed use of a SEAT approved repairer.

/ Repaired using only SEAT genuine parts.

/ Assistance to recover any uninsured losses using Legal Expenses Cover.

/ All repairs come with:

  • Two-year parts warranty
  • Three-year repair warranty cover on the completed work
  • Three-year paint warranty cover on the completed work

/ A dedicated claims manager looking after the entire claim from start to finish.

/ Online repair tracker to keep up to date with the status of any repair.

/ Courtesy car where applicable

/ No limit to the number of claims you can make, no excess and no need to pay and reclaim

To benefit from Ensurance go to SEAT-ENSURANCE.CO.UK to activate your cover.

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Your SEAT is designed to protect you in the event of an accident, with advanced materials and parts engineered to work together to ensure your safety. It requires specific repair techniques – the right equipment, parts, welding and temperature – to retain its excellent safety rating, so you can get back on the road with confidence.

Trust the highly-trained experts at our Approved Accident Repair Centres in Lowestoft and Ipswich to take care of your SEAT. We will use the same parts and paint that made your car special to begin with. All repairs are guaranteed for three years and your original paintwork and anti-corrosion warranties won’t be affected.

Our Accident Repairs Centres provide a professional and helpful service when you need it most.

Your Repair Centre of choice​

If you are involved in an accident, it is your right as the policy holder to have your SEAT repaired at the garage of your choice - something your insurance provider may not necessarily tell you when you notify them of the incident. Given this choice, why would you choose to have it repaired by anyone else?

Free estimates​

We will provide you with a full estimate, free of charge and advise you of all the work that is required.

Complimentary loan cars​

So that you can stay mobile for business and pleasure, we offer a loan car while the work is being carried out.