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Winner: What Car? Car of the Year 2017 'Best large SUV'

An impressive combination of powerful design, generous space, great functionality, state-of-the art assistance systems and innovative connectivity solutions means the everyday journeys will never feel quite the same again.

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The new ŠKODA KODIAQ reimagines what is possible with an SUV.

As ŠKODA’s first car to offer seven seats, thanks to its optional third row, the ŠKODA KODIAQ can adapt to suit your needs. Its sturdily-built exterior stresses its impressive off-road capabilities, while an unparalleled 2,065 litres of storage space (with the rear seats folded down) makes it an ideal companion for larger families.

It’s also award-winning. What Car? named the ŠKODA KODIAQ as the Best Large SUV as part of the 2017 What Car? Car of the Year awards.

WhatCar? is one of the UK's largest and most trusted car buyer guides. Over the years the publication has become best known for its reviews, advice, news and its prestigious 'New Car Awards’.


The new ŠKODA KODIAQ is the end product of a design process that has been inspired by your needs. The ŠKODA KODIAQ showcases all the design elements and thoughtful touches that characterise the ŠKODA family and introduces them into a large SUV to create a contemporary design that is full of character and proud of its heritage.

The crystalline lines and detailed precision converges with a massive grille and high angular wheel arches. The interior opens up a completely new chapter in the design book, distinct from anything that has come before it, yet still unmistakably ŠKODA.

The engrained practicality of the ŠKODA KODIAQ makes it the ideal companion for your everyday adventures, whether the morning commute or the school run.


Uncompromised space, luxurious quality of materials and effective soundproofing helps to bring a touch of home to the great outdoors. A heated steering wheel and 3-zone air conditioning* ​add an invaluable touch of sophistication, while all controls are designed to be within reach of your fingertips.


Even in the great outdoors, the connectivity features available on the new KODIAQ and a host of mobile devices/applications mean you’ll never be lost in the wilderness. ŠKODA Connect provides up to the minute information on a glass-design capacitive displays.​


The generosity of the ŠKODA KODIAQ’s spaciousness and the option of 7 seats means you’ll always have room for extra passengers. With a capacity of up to 2,065 litres with the rear seats folded down, the KODIAQ offers the largest boot within its class.

Off-road mode

The smart all-wheel drive and high ground clearance ensures the KODIAQ is ready to deploy its wild side for when the going gets a little more rough. In keeping with the KODIAQ’s considered design, the dedicated off-road mode can be selected at just the touch of a button (optional for the all-wheel-drive versions in combination with Driving Mode Select).


Safety is always our first priority, and the ŠKODA KODIAQ introduces a range of safety features to the SUV range which are normally reserved for high-end cars. The use of high-strength steel contributes to a comprehensive package of safety features to enhance you and your family’s safety.​​

Entering new ground

ŠKODA’s speciality for creating eminently practical cars that improve everyday life has never been more evident than in the KODIAQ - the ultimate utility vehicle. The ŠKODA KODIAQ’s versatile design means the vehicle adapts to the needs of your family, whichever road you take.


The ŠKODA KODIAQ’s advanced powertrains ensure a responsive and efficient performance that lives up to the vehicle’s robust design and off-road aspirations. A choice of five engines, the four-wheel drive option and a choice between a manual or automatic transmission gives you even more control over how you want your new ŠKODA KODIAQ to perform.

What’s more, the KODIAQ is the first ŠKODA to offer the new DSG 7-speed dual-clutch transmission for engines with high power and torque. The KODIAQ is available with a choice of two diesel engines and three petrol engines.


Available in either a powerful 1.4 litre (125PS and 150PS) engine or a 2.0 litre (180PS) engine, the new generation of TSI comes complete with direct fuel injection and a turbocharger, providing all the power you’ll need while maximising efficiency.


These 4-cylinder engines come with direct fuel injection and a turbocharger with variable turbine geometry. The 2.0 litre modern turbocharged units have an output of 150PS (92 Kw) to 190PS (140 Kw) and are fitted with a start-stop system and brake energy recovery as standard.

Mechanics of the engine

Whichever engine you choose, the ŠKODA KODIAQ includes the start-stop system, gear recommendation, driving mode select, and brake energy recovery. The KODIAQ also uses active cylinder technology (ACT) which helps the engine run more efficiently. Depending on the driving style, this technology can lower consumption by more than 0.5 l/100 km.


All of our ŠKODA models come brimming with technological features available as both standard and optional extras. Whether you need your ŠKODA KODIAQ to keep you in touch on the move, be your navigator, play your favourite music or guide you into a tricky parking space, see below to find out how our latest features can enhance every journey.

The advanced infotainment systems with numerous features enable you to make hands free telephone calls even when you are driving, connect external devices via a USB port even from the back seats, and control the infotainment system via a mobile application from anywhere in the car. ​​​​​​​

ŠKODA Connect is a brand new feature introduced to the ŠKODA KODIAQ. The package includes Infotainment Online services that provide more information and real-time navigation details, and Care Connect that provides remote access as well as assistance​​.​

The Care Connect package lets you control certain vehicle functions with your smartphone (Remote Access) and provides a connection to the service partner of your choice (Proactive Service).

The new ŠKODA KODIAQ offers three infotainment systems:

  • Swing radio with 6.5" colour touchscreen, SD card, USB, DAB & SmartLink (standard)
  • Bolero radio with 8.0" colour touchscreen and Additional 4 loudspeakers (SE)
  • Columbus satellite navigation system including 8.0" touchscreen, DAB, SmartLink, USB and 2 x SD card reader (SE L and over)​​​​

SmartLink. Connect your car to your phone, and vice versa! SmartLink supports Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Mirrorlink™ technologies, allowing you to access your phone’s functions through your KODIAQ. Whether you want to select and listen to music on your smartphone or receive turn-by-turn directions, all the information is mirrored on the central display. Standard on all models.

SmartGate is a system that uses Wi-Fi to send selected vehicle data to a connected device. This allows you to view more than 40 specs telemetrically, including vehicle speed, engine speed, the fuel level, the trip computer or g-meter, brake status and the throttle position, allowing your KODIAQ to communicate with you. Optional only.

The KODIAQ Highlights