Defibrillator arrives in Peterborough

Robinsons Volkswagen in Peterborough is leading the way for the 26 showrooms across the Group, with the first defibrillator installed at the beginning of June.

The team has taken delivery of a very special piece of kit to use in the event of an emergency. The heart defibrillator received its due attention, stealing the spotlight away from the cars, for staff to receive training on using this life-saving device.

Daniel Cooper, head of business for Peterborough and Stamford, said the company was investing in the defibrillators – at the cost of £1000 per unit – because of the increase in production and servicing of electronic cars. Recognising the importance of having equipment on site to deal with a cardiac arrest is part of safeguarding the wellbeing of technicians and staff.

The defibrillator could be serving the community outside of Robinsons Volkswagen; by registering the unit with the air ambulance it could be called on the be used in the event of an emergency in the area.

Pictured with the new delivery: From left, aftersales manager, Lee Doughty, head of business, Daniel Cooper and general sales manager Shaun Pluck.

Having this medical kit available could help to start the heart’s natural rhythm again, and whilst it’s hoped there will never be a case when it’s needed, the unit walks you through the whole procedure so there’s no need for specific training. The roll out of the defibrillators will continue this summer across the Robinsons Motor Group showrooms.