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"Behind every car we sell there is not just a customer, there is also a story. An amazing number of people all over the world associate our vehicles with memories, because a Volkswagen is a part of their lives. In other words, Volkswagen was, and is, the people's car. - Jürgen Stackmann, Member of the Board of Management of the Volkswagen

The Little Blue Car: Megan’s Volkswagen Story

"When I was three years old, I went to the library with my Mum, where I was immediately drawn to a book titled “Little Blue Car”; a story about a Volkswagen Beetle that went on an adventure. I can remember taking out this book over and over again, something about it was really appealing to me.

The book that started it all
Megan's Little Blue Car
Author with her beloved car
The Little Blue Car in real life

At that age, everything sparks your imagination and you form attachments to things such as toys and books. A few months later, we decided to go on a family holiday to Hopton in Norfolk. Whilst we were walking along the coast, we found a gift shop and decided to have a look around. Then I found it. A Blueberry-coloured Volkswagen Beetle; just like the one in my favourite book. You can imagine a three-year-old’s excitement when a toy replicates a story that you love. I can remember sitting in our armchair by the window reading the book as I clutched the little car between my tiny fingers.

I used to imagine what it would be like driving the car, taking it on all the adventures that I loved reading about. These are the moments you remember the most as a child, moments where you’re being creative and spending time with the ones you love.

Over the years, Little Blue Car lost his tyres and some of his paint. I grew older and no longer wanted to play with toys. The little model car gathered dust on my bedroom shelf, with no hope of getting played with again. It was now just a memory of my childhood, as most toys are for people.

I’m seventeen years old now, and I’ve grown up quite a bit. I am about to start my driving lessons like most people my age, and my parents were in need of a new car. One day, they got a letter in the post from Volkswagen, inviting them to a “Golden Ticket” event they were holding. My parents were thinking of getting a manual car, so I could drive this car when my mum wasn’t using it. I received a call from my parents saying they had chosen the car and they wanted me to come down to the Robinsons garage to have a look at it. I walked to the garage, where I found my parents talking to a lovely woman who was helping them find the perfect car. They were offered the choice of five colours that were available with the deal. They showed me a picture of the model, a brand new “High Up!” in Blueberry. The first thing that came to my mind was “Little Blue Car!”

Megan with her new Volkswagen up!
In Blueberry, just like author's Little Blue Car
The book meeting it's real life counterpart
The Golden Ticket Event

I remembered my favourite childhood toy, my Volkswagen in blueberry blue. It was fate. My parents had unintentionally chosen a Volkswagen in the exact same colour that Little Blue Car was, even with the metallic finish.

I felt the same excitement that I did when I was three-years-old in that gift shop on holiday. Moments in life can bring you back to other moments that meant a lot to you, bringing your family closer together.

So now my little blue car sits by my windowsill, and my (not so little) little blue car sits in my driveway, ready for all those adventures I had imagined.

Thank you, Volkswagen."

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