The New Touareg: Now available to order.

Launching never before seen technology: the New Touareg has arrived this summer.

It’s time to welcome the third generation Touareg to the fast-paced SUV scene. Ready to prove itself as paces ahead of the rest and equipped with the connectivity of a new era, get set for a fusion of safety and infotainment in a stunning new setting. Inch-by-inch; the design, comfort and lighting elevate this model to enthuse both technology and design savvy drivers.

A revolutionary new Innovision Cockpit screen lets you command your SUV by touch, gesture or even voice. A pioneering first in a Volkswagen, the new Touareg is the only SUV in its class to present you with a gloriously clear 15-inch Innovision glass display, accompanied by an angled, 12-inch digital instrument cluster. The richly colourful screen merges seamlessly into your digital dashboard, doing away with buttons, knobs and dials and is customisable just like a smartphone Home screen. For eyes glued to the road, the Head-Up Display projects speed signals or directions through the windscreen so it appears in front of your gaze – completing the intimidatingly brilliant driving control centre.

The lifetime unit sales of Touareg has tipped the one-million mark. Before this car ever got a chance to lose momentum, Volkswagen has brought it bang up-to-date. Infinite improvements have been made to an already outstanding model make-up.

With the Touareg comes a new age for integrated assistance, handling and comfort systems. Able to detect people or animals in darkness before any human eye could thanks to the Night Vision thermal imaging camera. What’s more, this camera couples with LED matrix light technology, aptly named IQ.Light. If the camera sees a road sign, the segment that illuminates the sign will be dimmed to avoid dazzling you. Likewise, if a car is coming towards you, the headlights will dip automatically so that the other driver can still see clearly. It can even adapt the breadth, throw and intensity of the headlights in bad weather. It’s like your car shines a spotlight exactly where you need it. Together with more sensors and intelligence than any previous model, subtle vibrations, semi-automated steering and even preemptive braking or acceleration, the Touareg will keep your vision clear, on track, in the right lane and offer improved safety for passengers and pedestrians alike.

Whether you’re cruising round city streets or tackling rough ground aided by all-wheel steering, the new Touareg delivers an exceptional driving experience. Coming soon with a choice of two V6 diesel engines offering either 231PS or 286PS, its promises to be as comfortable as it is dynamic with all the excitement packed in too.

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